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A Day with Bika Rebek

By Julia Gamolina
June 2019
Madame Architect

8:00am: I wake up from a combination of street noise and the repeating alarms I set on my phone. I take a while to get up and tend to be quite grumpy and a little confused in the mornings until I have my first coffee. I developed a habit of starting my day with an affogato – a coffee with vanilla ice cream in it. This started when I ran out of milk one day and replaced it with ice cream.

9:00am: After the first coffee, my brain goes into production mode, and I can focus on difficult tasks, especially writing. When I have a complex text or email to write I usually draft it out the day before and then read through it in the morning to make sure it makes sense before sending it out. I recently read ‘When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing’ which makes a strong case for organizing your day according to personal energy and mental capacity levels. I find it almost impossible to write at night, so mornings are reserved for that.

10:00am: This is when I am often on a call with my business partner, Daniel Prost, who lives in Vienna – the time that makes the most sense because of the six hour difference. We chat on Slack all the time, so the calls can sometimes feel like an extra chore, but it’s important for measuring the emotional barometer in addition to just getting work done.

11:00am: At this point, I am usually over-caffeinated and in action mode. I hop into the shower and then peer into my wardrobe, which seems to never have anything in it that I actually want to wear. After trying on at least three outfits and settling on a compromise option with mismatched patterns I bike to NEW INC, the incubator space next to the New Museum. The five minute ride is quite intense as it takes me through little Italy, Chinatown and then the aggressive traffic of Bowery. After five near- death experiences I arrive into the brightly lit office space with shiny columns and concrete floors designed by SO-IL.

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