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Dhaka Art Summit

Bika Rebek, Marisa Musing
One Hundred Thousand Small Tales
curated by Sharmini Pereira
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Part archive and part inventory, One Hundred Thousand Small Tales aims to provide a starting point for mapping out the various paths of art production in the country from the lead up to Sri Lanka’s independence, which took place in 1948, to the present. The exhibition will include several generations of artists and will incorporate archival materials in addition to works on paper, paintings, photographs, film, sculpture and animation.
The custom made plywood tables constructed of simple shapes are re-creating the feeling of an archive while creating ample space to host a range of discrete objects.

Dhaka Art Summit
February 2—18, 2018

The Dhaka Art Summit (DAS) is an international, non-commercial research and exhibition platform for art and architecture related to South Asia Through its interdisciplinary programme—which includes collaborative group exhibitions and experimental writing initiatives, as well as film and talks programmes—DAS concentrates its endeavours towards unlocking new areas of inquiry for art and architecture related to South Asia. It also promotes the work of South Asia’s contemporary and historic creative communities.
Around 300 artists from countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, the Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, as well as others from the South Asian diaspora, participated in DAS 2016. DAS 2018 will transition to a model that also looks at connections between Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean belt, exhibiting—for the first time—artists from Thailand, Malaysia, Madagascar, and the Philippines, and several other countries.

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