Architecture and Exhibition Design.
We build physical and digital spaces for the public. 


SML Offices - Headquarters 

SPS Design Team: Bika Rebek, Daniel Prost, Georgios Albanis, Noemi Polo, Viki Sandor, Matt Choot, Klemens Sitzmann, Pam Anantrungroj, Tim Daniel Battelino
Redlham, Austria
completed in June 2019
Square footage: 63300 sqft

Executive local architect: Benesch/Stögmüller
Photography: Simon Oberndorfer

Some Place Studio has designed a new office headquarters bridging the need for focused work with ample communal spaces fostering exchange and chance encounters.

At the heart of the project sits a light flooded atrium surrounded by private offices. The atrium is bisected by a sculptural stair, connecting the levels and creating a social condenser. To amplify the connection between levels, the floorplates are changing their outlines, producing overhangs, balconies and unexpected vistas.

On the north side, a circular space becomes a multifunctional space, only divided by a move-able curtain. A kitchen, printer island and circular lunch/meeting room table allows for various use. 

The architectural language takes cues from the machines that the company is building, creating moments suggesting rotating cylindrical shapes and repetitive machinic movements. Combining a metallic, cold color palette, clear cut and precise corners with cylindrical and rotational shapes, creates a building in itself reminiscent of a large machine.

Some Place Studio
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