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Tools for Show Seminar

Bika Rebek
Columbia GSAPP

Tools for Show is a seminar at Columbia GSAPP concerned with authenticity and staging of objects.
Taking exhibition and event design as a starting point, the aim of this class is to develop functional prototypes for content communication. Considering temporary, fragile and narrative-driven environments, it exposes students to a range of design methods and work-flows used to create ephemeral architecture.

First row: Marco Kuo, Miguel Ricardo Garchitorena 
Second row: Daqian Cao, Xinmeng Hou

To start with, each student creates a replica of an original object or artwork, learning how to 3d-scan and reproduce the object in 1:1 scale. The second part of the class is concerned with the staging of the replica within a full scale environmental prototype.

Studying exhibitions from various angles, including branding, performance, media and interactivity, students are asked to expand the traditional architectural skillset while getting ready for an expanding occupational field in museums and other display environments. Using lightweight and temporary materials, the final projects are about placing the object into space in critical relation to the viewer.
Throughout the semester, the class undertook several site visits, including the Met museum and small galleries. The final display projects were shown at the Emily Harvey gallery downtown.

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