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Bika Rebek, Matt Choot
Curated by Agustin Schang
Emily Harvey Gallery, New York

umbo (lat.: elevation, projection, shield)

A table, like a building, is seen as a static entity, a stable canvas to be populated by events. The plates, tableware and food are variable according to the setting and change throughout a meal. Umbo presents the inversion of this traditional relationship- the surface of the table becomes an animated interface, while the plates are static entities, forming the fixed points determining the geometry of movement around them.  

Similarly, a table is an object to be passively lit by a secondary light source- here the table becomes the emissive object, illuminating the room and people.
Moving lights and shadows effectuate an aqueous atmosphere.

Umbo was created for a reception event after the 'Critical Shifts' symposium, an event organized by students of the architecture department of Columbia University.

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