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The Samsung Design Wall brings a comprehensive vision to Samsung’s mobile history and products.

Unbox Samsung Design Wall

Studio: 2x4
Creative Director: Susan Sellers
Art Director / Design Lead: Timothy Gambell, Bika Rebek 
Design Team: Rona Binay, Jacob Hoving, Marisa Musing, Daniel Prost
Gangneung Olympic Park

Meant to amaze and inform, the wall attracts visitors to discover the evolution of Samsung’s mobile phones.

Interaction, light and experience define the installation at Samsung’s flagship in Seoul. Phone assemby components, the history of terminals, and the materials employed are delicately exposed to the public.

The wall is based on four elements: the spiral containing all components of a phone, the device timeline, the material gallery and the layered drawers. Each deploys light and depth qualities to express the intricate order of the collection.

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