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Some Place Studio is an architectural design studio based in Vienna and Berlin. We’re dedicated to creating spaces where people come together.

We're a small team of designers, strategists and makers with a strong understanding of the building process, from first idea to production.

Our projects express an expansive interest in contemporary issues of technology, sustainability, and equity through an architectural lens, seeking to inspire new perspectives with our work.

We thus strive for flexibility and diversity in our work, partners and clients as we collaborate to design more thoughtful spaces.

What we do:

Design buildings, interiors, exhibitions & installations
Help you to find the right site for your project
Create a scope that fits your needs
Make renderings and 3D visualizations
Provide detailed technical drawings 
Find the right contractors and project partners
Take care of all the technical and admin stuff
Supervise construction

Check in after project completion 

Stay in touch with Some Place from any place