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36 questions is the physical manifestation of a scientific experiment shown to increase intimacy. Climbing up a set of unique shapes the installations allows lovers and complete strangers to discover new dimensions about each other in a playful game of self-reflection.

Bika Rebek, Axelle Dechelette, Daniel Prost

Proposal for Burning man 2020

36 questions take the form of a series of elevated platforms rising from the playa, materializing the quest for intimacy as an ascending journey. On each platform's side, which are made of upcycled wood pallets, two questions are inscribed, meant to provoke discussions. At the lower level, square-ish shapes denote easier questions, mid-level questions are triangular and rounded shapes correspond to the third and hardest tier at the top.

Overall, the shapes create a sense of complexity and organized chaos, symbolizing the many possible paths to love. The bright red shapes will create a playful beacon of self reflection and intimacy deep within the dust of Black Rock City. At night the installation lights up in bright red, beckoning lovers and explorers. The questions become secondary and the complex nature of the overlapping shapes is amplified through a shifting light show.