Architecture and Exhibition Design.
We build physical and digital spaces for the public. 


Some Place Studio is an architecture and design practice focusing on public facing environments. 

Some Place Studio has worked with The Met, Samsung, Dhaka Art Summit, Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna (MAK), Haus der Architektur Graz, Columbia GSAPP and many others to design installations, architectural projects, exhibitions and digital products.

Bika Rebek

Bika is a Knight Foundation fellow at the NEW INC, the first museum-led incubator, where she is developing a collaborative digital platform for exhibition design named Tools for Show.
An educator and avid supporter and mentor of young architects, she sits on the advisory board of the Future Architecture Platform, a Pan-European platform of architecture museums, festivals and producers. Bika has been teaching at Columbia GSAPP since 2015.

Daniel Prost

Daniel is an architect with a wide range of international work experience, with a number of hospitality and office projects completed in Shanghai, China. He has worked as an architect in Vienna and in Berlin, with a focus on urbanism, sustainability and social issues. With a strong focus on digital prototyping techniques he became a member of the DDPLAB (digital design & production ) at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.


Georgios Albanis
Tim Daniel Battelino
Min Chen
Matt Choot
Joachim Hackl
Johan Huimerind, Photography
Yenwei Liu, Graphic Design
Scott McCagherty
Marisa Musing
Simon Oberhofer, Photography
Noemi Polo
Viki Sándor
Lucia Tahan
Luiza Furia
Klemens Sitzmann
Andrej Strieženec

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