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Some Place Studio was founded in 2016 with a specific interest in public projects. We seek to construct spaces that consider architectural impacts on culture, politics, psychology and the environment.

Collaborative and global, our name reflects the studio’s inception and approach to work. We operate from wherever we find ourselves all the while maintaining strong connections to the various places our designs live. In Vienna, New York and with a primary base in Berlin, the practice functions as a growing platform for designers, strategists and communicators collaborating from around the globe.

At The Green Brush opening with Jule Röthig, the artist Anna Paul, Bika Rebek, Daniel Prost and curator Matthias Moroder 


Bika Rebek

Bika’s work as an architect, educator, and curator is defined by an expansive interest in contemporary issues through the lens of architectural discourse and technology.

An educator and avid mentor of young architects, Bika sits on the advisory board of the Future Architecture Platform, a Pan-European platform of architecture museums, festivals, and producers.

Bika holds a graduate architecture degree from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and a Master of Science from Columbia University. She has been serving as faculty at Columbia GSAPP, the Spitzer School of Architecture and Yale University.

Some places you’ll find her:
Berlin, Vienna, New York, Ljubljana

Ngozi Olojede

Some places you’ll find her:
Brooklyn, Cape Town, Lagos

Nilhan Tezer

Some places you’ll find her: 
Berlin, Istanbul, Izmir

Juliane Röthig

Some places you’ll find her:
Berlin, Florence

Cameron Lintott

Some places you’ll find him: 
New York, Glasgow, Berlin

Daniel Prost (Partner 2019 - 2021)

Daniel Prost was fully involved in all aspects of the studio in his role as a partner from 2019-2021, with a focus on production and technical execution of projects. In early 2022 he decided to step away from the studio to pursue other interests.