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The Geneva Skyline brings an interactive installation to the Geneva lakefront. Functioning as a shading system for the hot summer months it also becomes an amenity for a variety of public uses throughout the year. Inspired by the silhouettes of local barn shapes simple forms create an ever-changing skyline on the lakefront.

Each shape can be individually shifted along the length of the frame to create a variety of arrangements. Reflecting and amplifying the vibrant and ever-changing activities along the water edge, it frames the lake while creating a uniquely urban identity. Part structure, part infrastructure, The Geneva Skyline is illuminated at night, serves to project movies in the summer time, becomes a cover for a market, or can even be used as a wedding hut.

The structure does not need to be removed or cleaned during the winter months — it performs all year as an iconic skyline redefining the connection between the city and the lake.


Bika Rebek, Matt Choot, Pietro Pagliaro
Structural design: Stephan Hollinger

Geneva, New York

Competition proposal