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Burgunder (+BAM) Installation

The installation at BAM was based on the idea of adding only minimal materials to showcase the Burgunder Nalgene bottles.

Using the existing colors of the collection, Some Place Studio created bundles of five bottles and devised a custom hanging system that allowed them to float vertically in mid-air.

Hanging at different heights the bottles created a colorful environment that allowed a close look at the product, while having a strong visual impact overall.


Bika Rebek, Daniel Prost

Burgunder / BAM Works

Bika Rebek

Berlin, Germany

The delicate installation was animated by changing light conditions and air movements, reflecting the colors of the bottles on the floor and lightly swaying in the space like a mobile.

Lightweight cotton curtains were used to frame the environment and create a sense of surprise when entering the gallery space.

To reach the gallery space in the backyard visitors had to pass through an areaway framed by huge showcases. Some Place Studio used the apple pattern of Burgunder’s merchandise to do large-format prints that were installed from top to bottom in the windows - catching the attention of any bypassers.

In order to hang the bottles, Some Place Studio designed a system of custom 3D-printed hooks that worked with regular carabiners and fishing wire. The 3D-printed elements held the bottles in place by balancing on each other.

Hung on two rails placed on the walls of the space, the installation was very quick to set up and take down and produced minimal waste. With the bottles being available for usage after, the project shows how a big impact can be created through a minimal, yet clever intervention.