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Campari Art Experience 

Campari Art Experience was a large-scale outdoor event involving 14 young artists and combining a traditional fine arts exhibition with a bar in the very heart of Berlin, Germany.

Some Place Studio designed custom environments and playful stage sets for six locations based on the idea of a Campari summer cocktail. The strong signal red color helped to identify the locations within a busy cityscape and provided a consistent theme for the very different settings.


Bika Rebek, Daniel Prost

Campari / BAM Works

Curator: Lukas Feireiss

Artists: Dennis Buck, Juliana Maurer, Monja Gentschow, Noah Becker, Beverly Köta Wali, Leyla Fischer, Charlotte Klobassa, Anton Alvarez, Ju Schnee, Billie Clarken, Clemens Behr, Frédéric Platéus, Tra MY Nyguyen, Kristina Surovova

Berlin, Germany

Arne Grugel

Some Place Studio used welding curtains and other industrial materials to delimit spaces and guide visitors, creating sculptural elements, large scale graphics, a ghost container and multiple bars.

Visitors were invited to explore all six locations on an art walk, while grabbing a drink, socializing and getting to know their city in a different color. All building materials used during this one-week exhibition were recycled and put to new usage after the event’s conclusion.