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The Drawing Room 

Inaugurated during the opening weekend of the Met Breuer this furniture set is designed to be used for various drawing activities at the museum. Evoking the makeshift nature of construction sites and artist’s studios the furniture is constructed out plywood, and simply slotted together for quick assembly.

Designed at The Met

by Bika Rebek

New York City

To allow for a collaborative drawing experience for all ages and sizes, the drawing tables are placed at three different heights with corresponding stool sizes. The staggered levels allow for a cascading view of the twenty-four foot long drawing that emerges over time. At the lowest height, a shorter table serves as a repository for the drawing tools and pencils. The drawing tools were custom laser-cut and include primary shapes such as circles and squares, all plugging into each other. Vividly colored they double as toys, adding to the playful atmosphere.
During its first use at the opening event the table was occupied by a colorful mix of users contributing to the large scale drawings, producing so much work there was not enough space to display it all.