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Foam is a web VR experience and exhibition about understanding the presence of foam in our everyday lives. Foam, in all of its iterations — physical, chemical, structural, ornamental — informs how the spaces around us are shaped and experienced, yet often in a hidden way. Foam is the subconscious of the built environment - always there, yet mostly hidden, separated from sight and touch through drywall or fabric.

The VR format allows us to make visible what is otherwise hidden and scale up the details of a regular house to allow close examination. All the installations are based on a 3d scan of a house during construction. Shaped like an adventure playground various aspects of foam as they relate to the domestic are explored. A large exhibition area is dedicated to sustainability and alternatives to conventional foam insulation, while another one is addressing the role of foam in packaging and delivery. This project seeks to make this material that is typically unseen, visible and virtually palpable to bring a greater awareness of its affordances and to speculate on its life-cycle and futurity.


SPS Team: Bika Rebek, Daniel Prost, Axelle Dechelette 

Openend as part of the CIVA festival in February 2021

Curated by Eva Fischer and Martina Menegon