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Original Feelings Yoga Studio 

The design of this boutique Yoga studio is based on the idea of flow - a term used in yoga practice to describe a sense of fluid movement and meditation. Within the space, these ideas manifest through smooth transitions between spaces and the extensive use of malleable materials such as fabrics and hempcrete. 

The entrance opens up onto a large reception area with a central desk doubling up as an occasional bar. A reconfigurable sofa follows the soft curve of a large screen acting as a space divider. On one side a large water fountain reminds visitors to wash their hands while the other side leads into the practice rooms.


Bika Rebek, Daniel Prost,
Axelle Dechelette 



Daniel Prost

Client: Original Feelings- Katharina Riedl

Contributing artists: Yasmin Bawa, Denise Rudolf Frank

Berlin, Germany

Linus Muellerschoen

The color palette is muted, with a focus on materiality and texture created in collaboration with two emerging artists. The front desk and water fountain were created in collaboration with Yasmin Bawa, using a custom process of a hempcrete structure finished with pigmented lime plaster to create the surface textures.The large scale privacy screen separating the lounge area from the changing rooms was painted by the young Viennese Artist Denise Rudolf Frank. 

Designed and built during the global pandemic, Original Feelings Yoga studio is a space that allows for plenty of personal space, ventilation and safety protocols to be in place. Taking a constraint as a design opportunity our goal was to create a space that will last beyond the current crisis and allow for yogis and guests to feel welcome and find their flow.