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The goal with both the small kitchen and bedroom in this urban studio apartment was to be as compact as possible while adhering to a tight budget.

The kitchen cabinets are all Ikea with custom designed plywood fronts and a linoleum countertop.

Similar goals as for the kitchen set the design framework for the bedroom. Next to adding plenty of storage space, the built-in wardrobe also houses the bedroom’s indirect lighting sources. The bedframe was also custom-made to match the new wardrobe.


Bika Rebek, Daniel Prost

Fronts by:
Brooklyn Builders Collective 

New York City, 2020

To give character to the small kitchen playful elements were added, such as the triangular cut-out of the exhaust hood, referencing the tradional shape of the fan. Instead of regular cabinet hardware joystick knobs- usually used for arcades- were used.

The indirect light of the wardrobe only becomes visible through cut outs, which also serve as the door openers.