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The Invisible Window

The Invisible Window is a sensory composition set in the storefront window of the House of Architecture. Using temporary, cheap, and lightweight materials for its space-defining functions, it is anchored by a solid, heavyweight, and precious object. Mediating between a public street and the interior of an architecture gallery, it presents a transitional zone between the world of unpredictable, active street life and the curated exhibition environment.

with Amore Agency

Haus der Architektur
Graz, Austria

Seen from the outside, a reflecting curtain inhabits the storefront of the House of Architecture provoking a halting moment, a visceral stimulus to the leisurely pedestrian, while shielding the main exhibit from her gaze. The pocket of space between the windowpane and the transitory boundary of the curtain are entirely non-verbal, working purely with sensual cues to provide a sense of privacy in the most public of places. Visitors temporarily inhabiting the space become part of the exhibition, on display in a street space primarily dedicated to commercial and entertainment use. Our declaration about the future is implied in the transitory, experiential, anti-intellectual quality of the installation.