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The World Around 

The World Around VR is a 3D environment designed by Some Place Studio for this year’s virtual conference in January 2021. Locating speakers on a global map each participant is represented by a customizable stage where a variety of media including live lectures, videos, audio files, 3d models or images are displayed.

On the day of the event guests and students are invited to join the space and engage directly with the speakers and deepen their engagement with the platform. The space will remain open for the rest of the year and can host future events.

The format allows for the kind of serendipitous encounters inherent in physical events, where participants can accidentally encounter each other, engage in a casual conversation or simply explore the various stages. The World Around VR provides a sense of place and location in a physically disconnected world.


SPS Design Team: Bika Rebek, Daniel Prost, Sophia Diodati 

Commissioned by The World Around 
Sponsored by Facebook Arts