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‘Tools for Play - A game of architecture in six acts’ for MAO Ljubljana

Some Place Studio was invited to contribute to the exhibition ‘Nove prakse, nova orodja’ (New practices, new tools) organized by the Museum for Architecture and Design Ljubljana. The show seeks to shed light on the work of selected contemporary »Slovenian« architecture practices and their way of tackling architectural themes and tasks.

Some Place Studio’s contribution Tools for Play takes the form of a boardgame illustrating the architectural design process through the journey of the game with elevated objects hinting at 3D forms that ultimately make a built structure.


Bika Rebek, Daniel Prost,
Ngozi Olojede, Juliane Röthig

Mika Cimolini, Matevž Čelik

Organized by
Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) Ljubljana

Škuc gallery
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Some Place Studio,
Severin Matusek

Each phase of the design process represents a “puzzle piece” of the board itself, suggesting the importance of every stage to complete a built project. Corresponding 3D forms also comprise the centerpiece of the game which is constructed as players advance to each stage.

Tools for Play engages visitors in an understanding of architecture that depicts Some Place Studio’s aesthetic and approach in a way that is playful, educational, and approachable. These are core values of our design philosophy.

As a studio we strive for transparency in our design process as a way to democratize the discourse around design. The game invites you to laugh, gasp, and learn about how we work.